Crisp, clean, and sunny – a white wine can cool a warm summer afternoon, or add sparkle to a snowy winter evening.

Tasting Hint: Tannins are often confused with “dryness” The dryer a wine, the less sugar it has. The more tannins it has, the more dry feel it will create in your mouth – a drawing sensation. Most white wines will be dry rather than high in tannins, as tannins are found in the skin of the grapes, which are often removed to create a white wine – even from a red grape!  Skoal!  Click on each image for a more detailed description.

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Late Harvest Vignoles

This plentiful Autumn harvest has created a sinful after dinner wine. Our late harvest Vignoles is filled with sweet flavors of caramel and cream. Pair this with your favorite chocolate or creamy dessert. RS 7.5%

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Just like a girls best friend……Our Diamond is the perfect companion to any occasion. This sweet table wine has notes of pineapple and tropical fruit flavors. Perfect for a summer picnic, poolside, served with fruit, poultry, or seafood. R.S. 4.4%

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This complex hybrid exudes a bright profusion of energy and vitality. The sweet and flowery bouquet both soothes and appeases the palate. R.S. 4.0%

Barn White

A light crisp wine with apple and pear flavors accented by a sweet aroma of spices. R.S. 2.5%


Picture a long walk on a summer’s day with notes of honeysuckle and pears in the air. Your palate will light up with this fruity blend of Cayuga and Niagara grapes. This wine is a wonderful compliment to a creamy cheese or poultry dish.  R.S. 3.0%


The “signature” grape and wine of the Finger Lakes, Riesling is extremely versatile in its range of styles (from dry to lusciously sweet ice wines) and its pairing with foods. Aroma may suggest peaches, honey, flowers. Taste is crisp, refreshing. Great by itself or with light hors d’oeuvres, seafood, chicken, dessert; and as a counterpoint to spicy foods. R.S. 2%

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Vidal Blanc

Vidal Blanc is in perfect harmony paired with your favorite indulgence or dessert. Its fruity finish and sweet grapefruit and pineapple aromas will accompany your last course or can be relished alone. R.S. 1.6%

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Free from pretense, our Sincerity is a quality New York State wine made from the Niagara grape, the leading grape grown in the United States. A sweet wine with a pleasing finish, drink by itself or with your favorite dessert. R.S. 1%

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This French-American hybrid hints at qualities and complexities waiting to be discovered. Experience strong spice and floral aromas, with a long, flavorful finish. R.S. 1%

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Seyval Blanc

Seyval has attractive aromas of apricots, peaches and nectarines, in a light-bodied wine. It pairs well with appetizers, fish, salads, garlic dishes and a variety of cheeses, such as dill, Havarti, tangy goat cheese, and soft cheese mixed with herbs. R.S. 1%

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This buttery Chardonnay, harvested at peak from the Finger Lakes, is fermented in stainless steel and finished in French Oak, creating a crisp, medium-bodied wine which stands well on its own, or pairs nicely with hard cheese, seafood, and poultry dishes. R.S. 0.75%

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From the bold and the enthusiastic, to the friendly and even countrified, there’s sure to be a Greenwood red for every occasion, every meal, and every palate.

Tasting Hint: the higher the RS (Residual Sugar), the sweeter the wine!  Santé!   Click on each image for a more detailed description.

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The impetuous stream of floral flavors and fresh fruit taste is balanced with the just the right amount of sweetness. Impetuosity offers a crisp finish that is bursting with that famous spicy Catawba flavor! R.S. 6%


Our fruit forward Blush made from Catawba, Cayuga White, Diamond and Noiret. Its clean, crisp and refreshing flavor has hints of apricots, melons and peach fruit flavors, this wine will pair beautifully with a variety of cuisine. R.S. 3%

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Collamere is our estate grown blend of five different varieties of American and French American hybrid Seyval, Riesling, Diamond, Traminette and La Crescent blends. R.S. 1%

Barn Red

Our excellent, full-bodied, richly-colored wine has hints of oak, smoke, vanilla and dried cherries. This wine drinks well while sitting on a bale of hay, or when lying down on a blanket, with that special someone, among the wildflowers. Pairs well with beef, pasta, and sharp cheeses. R.S. .38%

Baco Noir

Baco Noir is grown in the “Banana Belt” of Seneca Lake. A deeply pigmented wine fruit forward with aromas of black fruits and caramel. Baco pairs well with red meat dishes, BBQ ribs and goat cheese. R.S. .3%

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Cabernet Franc Reserve

This is a winter hardy vinifera variety producing an aromatic red wine, softer than Cab. Sauvignon with hints of cherry, clove, dill, and other spices. R.S. .08%


Just as an emollient preparation soothes the soul, our Leon Millot is made to savor and relish! It’s a red wine that is kept aged in french oak almost a year to create a complex flavor profile. Hints of oak, smoke, vanilla and dried cherries flavor the tongue. Pairs well with smoked salmon or grilled meats. R.S. .1%

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A blending grape in Bordeaux to add softness and velvety texture, Merlot is the “signature” grape and wine of Long Island. Rich, full aroma may suggest raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries leading to mouth-filling flavors. Great with duck, lamb, and other robust foods. R.S. .2%

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Enthusiasm is our journey into a deep red, full bodied wine with aromas of raisins, dried blueberries and figs. Stimulating and refreshing this wine will entice you and your guest for that weekend event. So grab your favorite tomato based marinade, your meat of choice. And of course a glass of deep bodied Chancellor and enjoy the night. RS .2%

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This soft Richly colored red wine has notes of green and black pepper along with raspberry, black berry and some mint aromas. The tannin structure has a complete variation from front of the mouth to the back. Noiret adds flavor and character when used in various culinary preparations which include chicken, lamb and other red meats. R.S. 09%

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We have created our rosé from a blend of New York white hybrid and red vinifera grapes creating a dry, light body with delicate flavors of strawberry, cherry and raspberry. This food friendly wine compliments both seafood and steak. RS .08 %


Whether it’s a hot July day, or a crisp Autumn night, the balanced blend of Perplexity will add subtlety and richness to your experience. Its refreshing flavor creates harmony, with hints of blueberry, black cherry, spices, chocolate and vanilla. R.S. 08%